The following syllabus, which is used at Baylor University, is provided to show how this textbook may be used in an undergraduate or graduate curriculum. The class meets once a week for an hour and a half.


I.             Course Description The goal of this course is to help you achieve optimal musical performance while maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle that considers the whole person. The mind-body connection will be explored through relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, imagery, progressive relaxation, meditation, and yoga. Students will have the opportunity to integrate relaxation and imagery practice into live performance settings. Regular journal-writing and individualized routines will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your personal performance profile, uncovering a unique approach to music-making that will help you achieve more confidence and conviction.
II.            Course objectives 1. Develop a pre-performance routine with a unique combination of imagery, relaxation, movement, and self-talk.
2. Explore research in music and sport psychology related to mental rehearsal, imagery, and self-talk. 3. Become familiar with music wellness issues like preventing physical injury and auditory health as well as popular techniques such as the Alexander Technique and body mapping. 4. Develop competency at performing in front of others through a regular combination of relaxation techniques with performance experience. 5. Evaluate wellness resources available for musicians, including books, journals, apps, and websites. 6. Develop an understanding of your unique performance profile through journal writing and self-evaluation. 7. Utilize efficient practice techniques through a combination of physical and mental practice along with goal-setting. Develop a specific routine for integrating stretching into your regular practice at your instrument.
8. Demonstrate lifestyle changes that lead to health and well-being.
​ IV.          Assignments and Projects 1.    Three Wellness Projects
a. Exercise Project b. Affirmations Project c. Sleep and Diet Journal
2. Practice Journal 3. Regular Performances with Self-Evaluations
4. Annotated Bibliography of Wellness Resources
5. Pre-performance routine
​ 6. Research project